Majestic Heights

A Royal Experience

About us

Our Story

Owner, Wayne Ebanks was born in Billy’s Bay, Treasure Beach, and all of his core values were nurtured and honed in this beloved community. As a homage to Billy’s Bay, he and his wife, Paulette, embarked on  journey in 2000 to create a Bed and Breakfast in Treasure Beach. It was their way of reinvesting and repaying in kind to the island and community that has afforded them so much. Thus, they created Majestic Heights. Majestic means “having or showing impressive beauty or dignity”, and heights means the highest point. Due to the property’s elevated location in the hills of Treasure Beach, the name Majestic Heights was a befitting moniker for their establishment. The immaculate beauty of Majestic Heights is unparalleled, and ascending to the peak of the establishment, guests experience an elevated view of magnificence, reflection, and sanctity.

“We wanted to create a space where guests could breathe in  fresh air and  seize a respite from the feverish pace of urban life. Patrons will be able to unwind, relax and experience the restorative benefits of nature.”